The Food

Here at Streetzzeria we only use top quality ingredients.  Our dough is lovingly kneaded and left to rise before being balled by hand.  Once hand stretched we top it with our sauce made with fine authentic Italian tomatoes and fresh herbs, before finally being topped with mozzarella and your chosen topping.    

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We at Streetzzeria care just as much about our customers health and safety as we do about our great tasting food and drink.

So to maintain high standards of food safety that are required by Environmental Health, we are loyal members of the industry lead body, NCASS (Nationwide Caterers Association) to ensure our systems and back office structure are as robust as possible.


For you the customer or event organiser, we can ensure you that all relevant paper work is up-to-date, leaving you with nothing to worry about. As NCASS are now a Primary Authority, you can be assured that safety is of paramount importance.

From a customers point of view, this means that we work to the highest standards possible not only to food safety standards but also general health and safety requirements as well.